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Fresh produce...how fresh? Some farmers deliver crops to us directly, otherwise we pickup our produce directly from the fields, farms, and orchards and have it in our market that very afternoon for you to purchase! Most of our produce arrives at our market on Wednesdays. Deliveries are made on Thursdays & Fridays. We also get produce as needed throughout the week to keep our market fully stocked.

Berkshire Organics works with over 50 local and organic growers to bring you the freshest seasonal produce available. We purchase directly from many small family farms throughout Berkshire County, the Pioneer Valley, and Columbia County. We also work with a few organic distributors from throughout the Northeast to offer variety all year long.

As you’ll see, the quality of our produce is better because you get it fresher! Our market is stocked predominantly on the same day as harvest. For our delivery service, the local produce is harvested Wednesday morning, packed into bins, and delivered to your door Thursday or Friday.

Much of the produce travels less than 50 miles to your table. And the produce that comes from our organic distributors doesn't sit on a store shelf out in the open. It isn't waiting to be purchased in an open refrigerator or in a stack of other produce piled high. It hasn't been poked or squeezed or smelled or dropped on the floor. What you receive is farm fresh!

Unsold produce is donated weekly to a local food pantry; we don’t hold newer produce in the back until the older has sold. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the farmer and you!

Most local farms in Berkshire County are not certified organic by the USDA. We work with those local farms that use strict organic practices. We also work with numerous certified organic farms in the neighboring Pioneer Valley, Mass. and Columbia County, N.Y. We purchase Certified Organic produce from farther afield certain times of the year to provide more selection and an exciting variety of in-season fruits and veggies.

In addition, we do work with several organic orchards in New England. Organic tree fruit has such limited availability in the Northeast so some of the local apples, pears and stone fruit come from orchards which use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system. These fruits and veggies aren't sprayed with industrial chemicals and are superior in that they are locally grown in clean soils and are harvested fresh for us as often as 3 times per week. The value of local in-season produce is extremely high. Why? While not certified as organic, following cultivation practices our ancestors used is vital to growing nutrient-dense delicious food. It also means our food isn't transported in containers for days or weeks. There is so much to be said for the benefits of working with our local farmers and food producers. We are able to offer you some of the highest quality, robust in flavor, nutrient dense food on the planet. Learn more about IPM

Berkshire Organics is a proud supporter of over 50 farms locally. Supporting community agriculture is woven throughout our mission and daily work.

By making a commitment to numerous farmers each year to support them, we are making “eating locally” a possibility.

The produce stocked in our market and used in our weekly produce baskets is our way of connecting you with your farmers. We drive to these farms on harvest day, and then offer it all to you fresh from the fields!

While we encourage anyone to explore CSA shares to find what is best for you and your family, we never want anyone limited by the up-front expense required when purchasing a share or half-share of a CSA program. This is why we offer produce in our market and in our customizable produce baskets free of any obligations.

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We define “local” as being within a 50 mile radius of our market in Dalton, MA.

Payments & Fees

To date we have never had a security breach or data compromise. In addition to multiple firewalls and cutting edge security features, you can pay securely through our Authorize.net payment gateway. Your payment information is not stored within our servers, nor do we have access to this encrypted information at any point. Your security is our priority.

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, & Discover.

All of our Customers are required to have a credit card on file.

Credit cards will be charged Tuesday for that week’s orders.

Charges are processed Tuesday afternoon for that week’s orders.

Credits are applied to the customer's account as soon as we discover it is indicated. The negative balance will be reflected in the customer's balance.


All of our customer information is kept strictly confidential. We never release customer information. Credit card information that is entered through our website is protected by Authorize.net, a certified credit card processing company.

There are no commitments or obligations with this service. However, we do ask that cancellations be made by noon Tuesday of the week your order is scheduled.

Berkshire Organics is passionately committed to carrying GMO-free products. We have removed the vast majority of products containing GMOs from our shelves and all potentially new additions to our inventory are rigorously screened. The relatively few items we carry that do have possible GMO ingredients are labeled as such our website.

Berkshire Organics was named a top 12 Right to Know Grocer in North America by the Organic Consumers Association. Click here to read why we're a top non-GMO grocer: https://oca-orca.org/top-12-grocers-2013/

If you are dissatisfied with any of your produce, service or delivery please let us know within 48 hours of receipt so we can make it right with you.

Online Shopping & Ordering

Ordering Details

No problem. Customers can change their order date by logging into their account and managing their account order settings.

Repeat/Recurring produce basket orders are the core of the Berkshire Organics service and the key to our success and continuation as a business. They allow us to plan our orders in advance and also plan with the farmers the amount of crops they need to grow. Customers who select a frequency and receive a basket help provide stability for Berkshire Organics and the local farms we work with.

Yes, the minimum for delivery is $25.

Please let us know within 48 hours of receipt of your order and we will credit your next order.

There are no commitments or obligations with this service.

Delivery Service

Our deliveries are year-round and eco-friendly because, unlike a traditional delivery service where an order comes in and goes right out, we make deliveries to certain towns on specific days. For example, on the Lenox route, we make 10 to 12 deliveries per hour. That’s 10 to 12 vehicles that are not making separate trips back and forth to the grocery store or market. So please keep telling your neighbors about us!

Deliveries are made on Thursdays and Fridays. Please keep in mind we may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. Please be courteous to your delivery driver and leave clear access for your delivery. We ask that your driveways and walkways be clear of snow and ice if possible. We reserve the right to not make a delivery if the driver deems the route impassable or access unsafe.

You will reduce the time you spend at the grocery store substantially by not having to shop and sort through all the fruit and vegetables that others have already sorted through. You will not have to drive to various farmers’ markets or farms to find the best produce because we do that for you. Our prices are highly competitive with grocery stores, co-ops and even supermarkets. We do price comparisons in our newsletters frequently throughout the year to show our customers the value in our service. Price Comparison

Berkshire Organics is dedicated to providing delivery service of local and organic food to area residents and businesses throughout Berkshire County. Deliveries are made Tuesday through Friday based upon location.
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