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We pride ourselves in supporting small, local farmers and producers. They grow, bake, and cook with the seasons which means that their product availability, and, by extension, ours, changes on a regular basis. We promise to provide a wide variety of products each week, but because of the nature of our producers we can’t promise the exact same availability. 

As much as possible, the food that we sell is sourced from the Berkshires and surrounding communities. For items that cannot be sourced locally, we prioritize small businesses and sustainable practices. 

Berkshire Organics prioritizes locally grown, sustainably-raised food that has the highest nutritional content and vitality. Some of these smaller, local producers may not be certified organic, but they are using ancestral and organic practices that are beneficial for the earth and our health. We have chosen local as our highest priority because of the health, social, and economic benefits of sourcing and eating locally.


All of our food is grown using methods that are entirely free of hormones, antibiotics, GMOs and almost entirely without pesticides.  


We do not ever buy conventionally produced food of any kind.  


Produce that comes from outside of our local region is all certified organic and/or free trade.



We don’t have any order frequency requirements. Our goal is to bring you locally-grown, delicious foods whenever you need them. If that’s once a week, great! If it’s only twice a year, that’s ok too. 

Checkout occurs automatically at noon on your order cutoff day each week. Prior to that, you are able to build your order over time, adding to it as needed. 

Anything in your cart at the cutoff will be processed as your order and cannot be changed. We take care of the processing on the backend and will charge your card appropriately.

Our virtual market is open all the time. Order whenever you’d like! To ensure a same-week delivery, please refer to the delivery cutoff times above.  

Important to note: Our produce selection is updated every Saturday by 3pm. Order your fruits and veggies after this time each week is best.

You will receive your order on one of our specified delivery days, which will be either Wednesday or Thursday depending on your location.  

In general, North and South County deliveries go out on Wednesday, and West County, Pittsfield, and the Hill Town deliveries go out on Thursdays. 

No, you do not need a subscription. All you need to do is create your free account. Once you have an account, you can order as frequently as you’d like.

Our CSA-style boxes are a subscription where you choose the frequency of deliveries. You’re free to skip a delivery without penalty if you wish so long as the skip is put in before the order cutoff time that week.

We have a minimum order requirement of $25. There is no maximum order amount so don’t be afraid to stock your whole pantry!

No, there is no subscription requirement to order from Berkshire Organics. All items can be ordered a la carte. There is no requirement to purchase a produce box as part of your order. 



We are currently delivering to towns within the Berkshires, and some perimeter towns in CT, NY, and VT.  Check to see if you are in our delivery area here.
As long as you are within the delivery area, we will deliver right to your door, no matter how long the driveway is or how high in the mountains you are.  

We have different delivery routes that each go out on a specific day of the week.  We currently deliver every Wednesday and Thursday.  Your delivery day will be displayed in your shopping cart and remains the same each week.

 We are unable to offer customizable delivery times. That said, we are always happy to provide approximate delivery times based on our map.  We put great effort into keeping your delivery time of day close to the same each time you order so you can plan.
 In addition to home delivery, we will soon offer convenient pickup locations.  Please check back with us for updates!

All orders over $125 get free delivery.

We charge a $10 delivery fee on all orders under $125. 

We offer free delivery on all orders over $125. 



All orders come packed in produce boxes. We would appreciate it if you could save your boxes and leave them out to be exchanged each time you get a delivery. This helps us to keep costs down and be sustainable by reusing the boxes. 

We use either a half bushel or a bushel box depending on the size of your order. If you plan to put the box in a cooler, we recommend at minimum having a 40 qt cooler. If you are concerned about keeping your food cold, we provide ice packs that you can return at your next delivery for a small deposit. 

 Your order will be packed in a white produce box so you don’t need to bring anything extra to a pickup location. 



We accept payment via all major credit cards excluding American Express. At this time, we do not accept payment via cash or check.

Your credit card will be charged by 5PM on the day of the order cut off for your delivery date. We do not commit to filling your order until the credit card has been charged. Once your card has been charged and the order filled, you will receive a receipt listing all the items in the order and the date of delivery. 


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