All of our food is grown using organic methods or in a manner consistent with ancestral agricultural practices entirely free of hormones, antibiotics, GMOs and almost entirely without pesticides*.  We do not ever buy conventionally produced food of any kind.  

Berkshire Organics prioritizes locally grown food from farms utilizing biodynamic and organic agricultural practices.  Integrative Pest Management (IPM) is prefered in some scenarios as described below.  

From our studies and extensive work with hundreds of farmers over the years, we know that "organic" is not always superior when taking into account numerous other factors involved with the growth, distribution, and ultimate delivery of that food to your home. 

For example, consider the life of a certified organic apple grown in Washington State.  Quality soil with vital nutrients produce a quality apple.  This apple is picked early, packaged, and then stored in an oxygen-free environment as it awaits transport.  The journey from Washington State to the Berkshires takes 5 days by rail.  It is not uncommon for us to have cases of apples for two weeks in our refrigerator.  Studies have demonstrated clearly that food loses vital nutrition soon after being harvested, and can have less than 50% remaining after 5 days.

Then consider an apple grown in the Berkshires picked on Monday that arrives to your home Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.  That apple was grown in nutrient rich soil, never exposed to pesticides or artificial fertilizers, yet if the farm practices IPM the apple will not be certified organic.  The vitality and nutrient content of that local pesticide-free apple is far more superior in our opinion.  
Considering cost, the removal of transcontinental shipping, at least one distributor raising the cost to us, and then covering our expenses means you pay more per apple for a piece of fruit that has less nutrient content.

*There are a small number of pesticides approved for use in certified organic farming.  In these scenarios Berkshire Organics appreciates and puts priority on IPM practices where the fruit bearing trees/plants/crops are not actually sprayed, rather perimeter trees that attract a greater percentage of pests are strategically sprayed to reduce the overall burden of pest destruction on the property as a whole.  While actual fruits and vegetables are not sprayed under the parameters of IPM, the property does not qualify for organic certification because those perimeter trees may have been sprayed.
Rest assured all of our customer information is confidential. We never release customer information in any way. Payment information entered through BerkshireOrganics.com is protected by robust firewalls and cutting edge technology in which we invest tenaciously. 

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We are so delighted with the fresh, naturally packed and delicious produce and meals! Our kids have never been this happy with food!”

- Nancy Smith

It's the 'affordable organic.'  No fancy packaging or wrapping.  I'm so excited about my local produce!"

- Mindy Ott


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