Who We Are

At Berkshire Organics, we are dedicated to improving the health of our community. We are a home delivery service in order to make locally produced, nutrient-dense, delicious food accessible to every home in the Berkshires.

Berkshire Organics is a practical resource that will support you in using food to stay well on a daily basis. We know that food is a significant factor that contributes to our overall health. Finding fresh, sustainably-produced, clean, and local food is a challenge; getting that food at an affordable price is even harder, and is often the limiting factor. Our team is dedicated to overcoming these barriers and supporting your wellness with the work we do every day.

What We Do

In 2018, Shaun and Amanda Opperman took over operations of Berkshire Organics so that they could provide their growing family with the best quality food. Their friends and neighbors wanted in, and since then, they've made over 30,000 deliveries (and counting). From the beginning in 2008, Berkshire Organics has worked closely with farmers and food producers in the surrounding counties to offer an abundance of seasonal food and staple groceries at a remarkable value.

We’re on the ground every day planning with farmers, picking up harvests, and packing each customized order with care. Then, all year round, we deliver to any home in the Berkshires, including those at the tops of mountains and at the end of dirt roads, no matter the weather.

our mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality, locally grown food that will improve the health and energy of our customers. We are creating the infrastructure for a vibrant local food economy that increases food access for our community, supports farmers, and promotes sustainability.


We're passionate about the health of our community!


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