Who We Are

Shaun & Amanda Opperman are dedicated to improving the health of this community and operate Berkshire Organics as a not-for-profit home delivery service with the goal of making locally produced, nutrient-dense, delicious food accessible to every home in the Berkshire-Taconic region.

Berkshire Organics is a practical resource, a way of living, that allows us to thrive using food to keep us well on a daily basis. Of the many factors that contribute to our overall health, we know that food plays a significant role. Finding the freshest, well-grown clean local food and ingredients is a challenge; then getting that sustenance at affordable prices is another limiting factor for many folks. Our team is dedicated to making these amazing products available to you with the work we do every day.

What We Do

Since 2008, Berkshire Organics has been working closely with scores of farmers and food producers in the Berkshires and surrounding counties to offer an abundance of peak of season food and staple groceries at a remarkable value.

We’re on the ground every day planning with farmers, picking up harvests field side, packing with care each customized order, and delivering to any home in the Berkshires, including those at the tops of mountains, at the end of dirt roads, no matter the weather throughout the entire year.

our mission

Bridging the gap between food and actions to improve health is where Berkshire Organics thrives. We know how to use food as a healing force in our lives. Vitality, great sleep, increased focus and energy, as well as other facets of our being are impacted by the food we eat. Ever since our early conversations to partner with farmers, we’ve been investing and building up the infrastructure of our local food economy. The depth of our relationships and collaborations with our neighbors has demonstrated a robust food system that hasn't skipped a beat throughout the COVID19 pandemic. Compassion for people and sharing this abundant source of vibrant local food is what Berkshire Organics is all about.


We are so delighted with the fresh, naturally packed and delicious produce and meals! Our kids have never been this happy with food!”

testimonial - Nancy Smith

It's the 'affordable organic.'  No fancy packaging or wrapping.  I'm so excited about my local produce!"

testimonial - Mindy Ott


We're passionate about the health of our community!


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